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volleyball nations league 2021 today Diverter Gates are custom designed to provide a compact and effective means to separate low-solids biosolids during operation of a centrifuge. Typically, low-solids biosolids are characterized by the centrifuge manufacturer as those that result in a main drive torque of less than a defined value. This torque threshold output is used to open and close the diverter gate and allow low-solids biosolids to bypass the downstream process and return to the centrate tank, or as required by the process design.,nb cricket bat official website

dear basketball kobe,volleyball nations league 2021 today Diverter Gates can be provided with electric or pneumatic actuators to accommodate required opening and closing times, depending upon process requirements.

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  • Low Solids Biosolids are Diverted Back to Process – When low solids are detected, gate closes and diverts liquid to drain line. As soon as high solids are detected, diverter gate opens to deliver biosolids to downstream process.
  • Compact Design Fits Any Centrifuge – Custom-designed to fit in almost any space and with any drain line configuration. Gate can be actuated electrically, hydraulically or pneumatically.
  • Low Energy Consumption – Alternative methods of low solids separation require the use of additional conveying and process equipment.
  • Versatile, Rugged and Maintenance-Free – Stainless steel slide plate rollers with bronze bushings are self-lubricating. Inlet and discharge transitions can be adapted to fit any opening configuration.

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  • Liquid-Tight Construction to Eliminate Housekeeping Issues
  • Wide Range of Construction Materials Including 304 and 316 Stainless Steels
  • Large Diameter Bypass Drain to Discharge Low Solids Biosolids for Reprocessing
  • Heavy-Duty Design with Rigid Frames and Low-Friction Rollers